As you all know Russia is the world’s largest nation. The borders of Russia include Asian, European countries, Pacific Ocean and Arctic Ocean. Even though Russia has various world renowned features, their tourism is quite famous all over the world. Each and every year millions of people around the world tend to visit Russia for their ethnic tourist spots. The Russian tourism will make the better option for the people who are searching for the best place to spend their holidays along with their family and friends. There are several tourist spots in Russia which also has some historical touch. And this is the reason why the world tourists tend to show more interest in Russian tourism.

Kizhi Island

Many islands are located in the lake Onega and Kizhi Island is one among them. This island is highly renowned for the open air museum. This open air museum is supposed to have more wooden historical structure. As the temperature is cold here, it suppresses the bacterial actions and hence the wooden structures are maintained with good longevity. They also have two churches and a bell tower. People who are involved in scientific studies, archeology and other related fields tend to visit this island for their research. In the summer season the educational courses were also held here in order to favor the growing brains. The other most famous part of this island is the UNESCO world heritage site.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral

It can be said that Saint Basil’s Cathedral is one of the top tourist attraction in Russia. This cathedral was built between the years 1554 and 1561. The overall structure of this cathedral is designed to resemble a bonfire. Thus, their architecture is considered to be unique. It was stated that this cathedral is made with red stone and a new material. The most interesting part is bricks are used for both interior and exterior decoration of this church. Studies have also revealed that the basement of this church was aligned in the most appropriate way by taking proper measurements.

Hermitage Museum

The Hermitage Museum was founded in the year 1764. This is one of the massive museums which holds the art and cultural value of Russia. And this is also one of the oldest museums in the world. It was stated that this museum has a collection of about 3 million items which was collected from different part of the world.   This museum has six historical building along with the residence of Russian emperors. The winter place of this museum is considered to be very famous and they are nothing but the residence of Russian Tsars. This was especially built for Empress Elizabeth who was the beloved daughter of Peter the Great.

Moscow Kremlin

People who are interested in enjoying the natural beauty of Moscow must definitely go for Moscow Kremlin which is a most famous see attraction. During this site visit one can come across various noticeable museums. The Alexander Garden is also located in the left of Moscow Kremlin. Today, this complex is the residential place of the President of the Russian Federation. Visiting Moscow Kremlin will provide an everlasting experience for the visitors and this is the reason why they are categorized as must visit places in Moscow.

Baikal Lake

As you all know, this is considered as the world’s deepest lake and they run along the mountainous region of Siberia. The region is highly occupied by the researchers for various natural projects. A research centre called Baikalian Research center is also located in this region where many biological tests were conducted regarding the ecosystem.

Sapsan train journey

People who are visiting Russia should never miss the Sapsan train journey as this will provide them an everlasting experience. Travelling in this train will give the pleasure of travelling in air. This train has various facilities which can provide greater comfort for the travelers. Even though they hold various facilities, they are highly renowned for their luxuries. People who are interested in enjoying each and every minute of their travel can hire this train.