Smokers leave smoke which tends to leave a smell in the entire house. These smokes smell bad and are also harmful to your health. If you are using a smoker, then your house is also likely to be filled up with smoke. You do not need to worry about this. You can use air purifier for smoke. We have got some of the tips which are sure to remove the smell of smoke from your house.  These tips are almost sure to make your home smell free. If you want to learn more, you can visit

Wave a wet towel

Waving a wet towel soaks up the smoke particles. Though this may seem a silly idea this is a very cheap and effective method. Doing so can drastically reduce the smoky smell inside the room.

Buy an ozone machine

If you are willing to spend a few bucks, then you could get an ozone machine. These machines help to purify the air by releasing ozone particles which attaches themselves to the smoke surfaces. However, it is important to know that the ozone machine can be priced higher as well.

Wash all your surfaces

Washing off all the affected surfaces could remove the smell from the house. This is a time-consuming process but if you want your house to be completely free of smoke smell, this is the most effective way. For doing so, you can make a mixture of warm water, a quarter of vinegar and soda and half ammonia. This mixture would give you the most effective results.

free from smoke smell

Fill a bowl with vinegar

Vinegar has the ability to neutralize the smell of smoke from the house. You could leave bowls of vinegar inside the house to make sure that your room is free from smoke smell.

Distribute baking soda

Most of the smoke smell is trapped in the carpets of your house. You could sprinkle some baking powder over your carpets to remove the odor. Allow them on the carpet for about an hour and they simply vacuum it.

Get an air purifier

Air purifiers have filters which collect the odor molecules. These filters generate electric fields which trap the smelly particles by attracting them.

Get odor eliminators

Odor eliminators are good for removing smoke smell from a specific area of the rooms, such as sofa or windowsill. Moreover, they are cheaper in cost.


You do not have to throw away your smoker just because it makes the house smelly. Instead, you could use these methods to make your home free from the smell of smoke.