In the might jungle the lion sleep in his slumber, but here the lion roars in its glory to entertain the world class audience in Singapore!

The dance

The Lion Dance In Singapore has its own significance, as the lion is wide awake day or night and dances to the tunes of the thud of the drums.The lion’s dance traditionally brings good luck and continues to stay strong through-out all year round for anyauspiciousoccasion or fest.This lion dance is absolutely stunning to witness, with gigantic eyelids fluttering, and the huge head twitching side to side in a musical rhythm on the thumping beats of drums that takes the audience to a surreal land of mesmerising lion dance, the dance of the Chinese lion transfixes the audience.

These troupes work very hard as a team, these people are acrobatic dancers who are flexible and move conveniently to the slandering music of the fest, this dance is performed but just by Chinese but anyone can participate in it and enjoy the ritual to the fullest.

This business makes most with bookings during New Year’s and other occasions be its public or private.

Lion dance for celebrations

The Lion Dance In Singapore, brings prosperity to the clients on various occasions to celebrate happiness, be it for making the Chinese new year a memorable one, or even for a birthday party, office inaugurations and meetings, to dinner parties to award nights, this dance celebrates the spirit of Singapore. These troupes are extremely professional as they deliver their best performances at any occasions with talented performers and lion dance entertainers make our event happy and merrier.

These troupes are organize fun filled items all representing the culture, with contemporary costumes such as the L.E.D Dance performance, L.E.D Lions and L.E.D dragons. Every performer has their own style, activity and costumes planned beforehand for every person’s entertainment be it adults or small children. Their performance are with modern techniques and props to give a world-class international experience that is not easy to forget.Every member of the troupe has its own talent to showcase the audience and are trained efficiently to not only entertain but also make the event a blissful one. Each member is also thoroughly trained in his or her own expertise with quality and hard work that can be easily seen their performances. There are many troupes across Singapore to choose from, a good research and elaborate testimonies from the website would provide subtle information about the troupe and further details, it would be a privilege to watch the lion dance in Singapore, and so do visit Singapore and experience the surreal and beautiful lion dance and cherish memories forever.