Buying Followers for your Instagram account may seem like a very good idea. All you have to do is pay that affordable amount and you can see the followers on your Instagram account increase very soon. But have you thought about whether it would have any negative effects for your account? If you have not, then you should, because it is very easy to buy cheap instagram followers, but the same can have some very bad effects in store for you too. Here, we will take a look at the major ones.

Buying Followers for your Instagram account

  • Lower engagement rates

What most companies do is that, when you buy followers, they give you huge number of followers; accounts which are not active as that of a real Instagram account holder. This will effect your business, product or service that which you are promoting on the social media platform. How so? The main reason why you need followers is that you need engagements for what you post. If your followers are people who are not active, then how do you suppose you will get that!

  • Spamming will affect your reputation very badly

When you buy lots of followers, you will end up in spamming. This is one thing that everyone hates. So then why go for it?

  • You will lose your reputation and integrity

The engagements your posts have all speaks out that you are trustworthy. In this modern world, where the online marketplace is flourishing, trust and reputation is something which is very hard to earn, but is very easy to be lost. So if you have inactive followers, you will have lower number of engagements and therefore, less reputation.

  • Finally, you will be caught one day

You may be getting around very well so far with the large number of Instagram followers that you bought. But there will be one day when you will definitelybe caught. The best example is that of the great Instagram purge of 2014. Everyone thought they got away with fake followers, but in an instant, they were all lost forever. Millions of inactive and fake accounts were deleted in this cleaning process. What if another one is just round the corner? It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Therefore, before you choose to buy cheap instagram followers, be well aware of all these effects which you might encounter some time in the near future.