Since the 1970s, the Houston Astros began playing in their dome stadium, sports fans have been intrigued by artificial turf, sometimes known as Astro Turf, because many people saw artificial turf for the first time. Then, the players and the fans complained about the unnatural way in which the artificial turf felt and acted, but at that moment it was a good simulation that solved the problem of the lack of natural light in the stadium. Since then, there have been significant improvements in the environment, mainly due to the fact that the owners began to take an interest in them for their homes. The industrial application is one thing, but when the public begins to show interest, it can earn money and, therefore, improved products will be developed. Artificial turf today is not like the Astro-turf of the past, and now it is so realistic that many people cannot understand the difference.

What are the benefits of artificial turf?

  1. Does not need maintenance

Artificial turf does not require an irrigation system to maintain its health and, since it does not cultivate grass, it does not require weekly cutting or cutting. Once installed, the maintenance that must be done simply sweeps or removes the waste and removes it from them. You can spend time enjoying the grass, without taking care of it.

  1. Color

Artificial Turf does not discolor over time and does not turn brown during heat or cold, just like natural turf. In winter, in cold areas, live grasses sleep, and in summer, in warm areas, it usually dries out. Artificial turf stays green all the time.

  1. Respectful of the environment

Are you an ecologist who is interested in reducing emissions to the air? Think of the fact that it is not necessary to cut the artificial turf, which literally reduces the emissions of the lawnmowers that will be used to cut it every few weeks. Mowers do not have emission standards like cars, so they pollute much more than you expect. There are also no chemicals needed to maintain the health of the grass.

  1. CostArtificial Turf

If you plan to replace your turf or change the landscape to another, you probably want to compare the cost of installing artificial turf with the cost of installing plants or desert plants. As a general rule, artificial turf is cheaper and can be found even in recycled formats that save even more.

  1. Money

Over time, artificial turf will save you money on almost any other

The shape of the ground cover. No need for gardening, mowing, maintenance or irrigation.